Access Controls And Access Control Security Essay

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As the use of computers, databases, and technology in general, security has grown to be a powerful tool that has to be used. The threat of outside sources intruding and exploiting crucial information is a threat that is present on a daily basis. As a part of creating and implementing a security policy, a user must consider access control. Access Control is a security tool that is used to control who can use or gain access to the protected technology. Access control security includes two levels; logical and physical. Though database intrusions can happen at any moment, access control provides another security barrier that is needed. Access control has been in use before the growth of the technology world. It could involve a simple action as locking a door. A person locks a door to prevent entry to those who are not allowed or authorize to do so. The same can be said about the security involving databases and the controlling of who can have access and what can be accessed. As far as database security is concerned, there are various categories that are involved in access control. The four main categories of access control include: Discretionary, Mandatory, Role-based, and Rule-based access control. According to Rouse (2006), “Computer databases typically contain aggregations of data records or files, such as sales transactions, product catalogs and inventories, and customer profiles” (Rouse, 2006). Databases can hold a sufficient of information that are deemed
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