Access Of Mental Health Resources

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Access to Mental Health Resources in Developing Nations
Mental health is a term used to describe a person’s psychological state in regards to their emotional and behavioural performance. Those considered with good mental health are thus satisfactory in their psychological state and are able to function normally without any emotional or behavioural barriers. Likewise, those with poor mental health or those diagnosed with other mental illnesses and disorders are at an unsatisfactory state and are unable to function as optimally as those with good mental health. Mental health may also encompass neurological, mental and addiction disorders. Currently, there are over 450 million people suffering from mental health disorders,
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Such absences of basic mental health care leave those with mental illnesses with very few options.
Many of those with mental illnesses, disabilities and disorders are met with stigma and excluded from society and lack basic human rights such as food, clothing and shelter. A significant number are also denied rights to vote, marry and have children and discriminated against within the workplace, education and housing. As a result, people with mental illnesses are a vulnerable group and are generally forced into situations of poverty from the lack of treatment or extreme discrimination. In turn, people are forced into situations where they are not able to access the mental care they require in order to cope with their situation and thus, perpetuating a vicious cycle.
1945 – During World War I, many soldiers were diagnosed with ‘Shell Shock’ which was believed to have been a physiological disorder from a soldier’s horrible sights in battle which have led to the inability to participate in war.
1946 – US President Harry Truman singed the National Mental Health Act and created the National Institute of Mental Health
1960 – Declared the World Mental Health year by the World Federation for Mental Health
1990 - Infant Health and Development Programme, helps to teach maternal mothers the importance of proper diet to low-weight newborns. This brings light to the connection between proper physical and mental health.
2008 - WHO’s Mental Health
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