Access The Strengths And Weakness Of Best Practice Models Of Hrm Strategy Essay

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Section A Ques. 1 : Critically access the strengths and weakness of ‘best practice’ models of HRM strategy The ‘best practice’ approach suggests that certain bundles of HR activities exist which universally support companies in reaching a competitive advantage. The idea of ‘best practice model’ has come to ensure training and personal development for an employer and at the same time better performance and higher productivity of an employee. The strengths of this model are elaborated here, • Calibration that enables the employees or employers to compare their work activities to some standards. • It helps the employers learn from other’s success and failures. • It helps to create an active learning environment within the organization. • It helps in setting directions and initiating focused programs that leads the organization to a higher position. • It motivates people to change according to the environment. On contrary, the weaknesses are, • This model is still a widely debated topic. • Best practice models are nothing but a group of methodologies, processes, actions etc that earned success in previous work areas. • As it has been previously used, it will be short lived in successive actions. • More researches along with greater supports are required to apply best practice model. There is a lot of standards that can be used as best practices for an employer or an employee. But it may not be effective in all cases. Success of it rather depends on its work areas

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