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In this day and age, technology takes center stage. Temple College students understand this well, considering nearly all school assignments require access to a computer and the internet. This need for technology prompts a vast majority of students to take advantage of the computers provided by the school. However, these students are forced to maneuver around blocked websites and other internet restrictions put in place by T.C. Temple College students should have access to all websites when they are using T.C. computers on the grounds that students are mature, they are paying for access, and restricted access to the internet limits students resources. College students are mature enough to have access to the full, uncensored internet. Society expects young adults, more specifically college students, to manage their own lives and time. If they fail to do so, it is their own fault. If they choose to slack off and browse the internet instead of writing a paper, then they have no one to blame but themselves. Although school administrators mean well by limiting students…show more content…
When college students pay tuition, they are paying not only for their classes, but for the resources that the school offers; this includes access to school libraries, tutors, and, yes, school computers. By limiting students access to school computers, school administrators are essentially ripping college students off. Many would counter this statement with claims that colleges have the right to block any website that they desire to, and this is correct, however, by including the cost of these resources in with the cost of tuition, college officials are not being reasonable. Students pay a full price for this tool, but colleges come up short in the delivery, ultimately providing students with a below par service; no matter how you try to phrase this, unknowingly paying to be limited is simply
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