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1) What is access of care? Access of care can be defined as the capability to obtain affordable, convenient, acceptable, effective and mostly needed healthcare assistances at the right time. According to healthy people 2020, access to care is the appropriate use of healthcare amenities for a person to attain the best possible health condition. This include entry to a health care system, access to appropriate locations with needed services, and contacting a health care provider who can be trusted ("Access," 2013). Access to care constitutes of five measurements such as availability, accessibility, accommodation, affordability, and acceptability. This means acceptable and affordable health services should be available to required persons at…show more content…
(Shi & Singh, 2008, p. 508-513). Availability of health care services is an important dimension in access to health care. Providers are expected to deliver quality care to patients when it is needed. They should be able to provide care to everyone based on their needs. For instance, Spanish speaking elderly people expect some one who knows their language in their physician’s office. Language barrier can cause lot of issues such as conveying wrong message about a patients or physicians. Effective communication is essential for physicians and clients to explain and understand each other. There are patients who cannot make it their physician’s office due to lack of transportation. This can negatively affect their health status. An example would be patients who miss their dialysis due to lack of transportation. 3). How do affordability, physical accessibility (delivery), and acceptability (quality) of services affect access of care? Affordability refers to the clients’ ability to pay for health care services provided. Affordability is directly related to the health insurance plans. Individuals with good health insurance plans are able get better health care services. But the co-payments and out of pocket expenses are still causing problems to the insurers. For example, majority of elderly people have to take supplemental insurance with their Medicare plan to get better services. Only

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