Access to Evidence Based Sex Education in American Public Schools

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There is a strong need for greater access to current and evidence-based sex education in American public schools. Concurrent with access to information and education about human sexuality, schools should also be offering students safe, anonymous ways of receiving condoms. Condoms are crucial for preventing unwanted pregnancy: and it can easily be said that all teen pregnancies in the United States will be classified as unwanted. Moreover, condoms will prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. When they are used properly, condoms can become lifesavers. However, adolescents are often woefully ignorant about when and how to use condoms. Few adolescents in the United States have ready access to condoms, either at home or in schools. Because of the general prudishness embedded in Bible Belt America, states like Georgia must take a strong stance on the issue. Georgia should follow suit with states like Massachusetts, who have implemented successful condom distribution programs in their schools. Condom distribution programs in public schools serve a variety of positive functions, and promote public health. One of the reasons why a condom distribution program in public schools promotes public health is that the program coincides with sex education. The proposed condom distribution program in Georgia would entail offering students counseling, guidance, and formal instruction on how to properly use and dispose of condoms. Opponents of sex education and of condom
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