Access to Healthcare in the US: Article Analysis

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Abstract The essay discusses the article "Access to Health Care in the U.S", which highlights the key issues of the healthcare system in US and how has it impacted the society as a whole. The healthcare system based on social inequalities has a lot of shortcomings which are discussed in the essay. For many decades the access to health care system in America has been an integral social issue. Of all the western countries US is the only country without a universal healthcare access. The health care system charges a fee to provide access to health and the majority of the population is unable to pay such high fees which keep them out of the health care system. The healthcare system is based on the principles of social inequalities which are based on the socioeconomic status, race and gender. The research paper has discussed the issues and analyzed them by shedding light on the alternatives to improve the healthcare system in the US. The healthcare system has come under heavy criticism from experts from all over the world. According to Schroder, 44% of the population has no access to the healthcare system. (Schroder, 2003) There are many clinics which charge are free of cost or are charging lesser fees, but all of these are burdened and do not have the capability to meet the requirements. There are certain ethnic communities that are by enlarge poor who are of the opinion that they have been deliberately been left out of the healthcare system. These have led to the
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