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The Use of Non-verbal Communication CMN 2132Y Non-Verbal Communication Natalie Montgomery Junhao Huo 6280990 2015.08.06 Non-verbal communication, means is how people can send and receive messages withthrough wordless cues. In other words, non-verbal communication means that people can talk to each other without actually talking. This includesIt concludes numerous behaviours, for examples, body language, touch, voice, eye movement, behaviors and facial expressions. Indeed, non-verbal communication contains almost all the methods to expressing feelings and emotions without talking;. Hhowever, how do weto explain that why…show more content…
I was the a member of Group 15, Block C, so I was allowed to get into the classroom at 1:00 pm as well as the Block C. However, when I got into the classroom, talking was not allowed during the entire game period in the classroom. It meant you cannot could not communicate with other players by talking, only non-verbal communication was allowed. At that time, I was actually mad a bit mad, because I was thinking, that “wWho can play porker without talking?” However, no talking was the rule for the game and the professor wanted to let us know andus to understand realize that how to use non-verbal communication in the reality. At the same time, it was the crucial goal for the game, in my opinion,: was how to express your emotions and transmit messages without talking in your real life and in a proper situation. So, during the game play, I was going to explore three aspects: how to send messages throughby eye behaviours, the use of body language, and the functions of touch and voice. In this report, I would like to introduce how the game was played on July 2nd and discover the use of non-verbal communication within a group settings andin an actual situation. To this day, I still remember tThe atmosphere in the classroom before the beginning of the game, it was confused, unstable, and strange b. Because everyone wasall the people worried about that why we were not

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