Accident Spot Identification Using Gsm & Gps

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GPS and GSM for Accident Spot Identification ABSTRACT: The main intention of this project is to find the accident spot at any place and intimating it to ambulance through the gps and gsm networks. Now-a-days, it became very difficult to know that an accident occurred and to locate the position where it has happened. It’s very difficult for the lives of victims until anyone noticed and informed it to the ambulance or to any hospital and if it occurs in remote areas there will be no hope to survive. To overcome these, gps and gsm technologies are used. The gps based vehicle accident identification module contains a vibrating sensor and a gps modem connected…show more content…
Microcontroller - A single chip used to control other devices. Any microcomputer system requires memory to store a sequence of instructions making up a program, parallel port or serial port for communicating with an external system, timer / counter for control purposes like generating time delays, Baud rate for the serial port, apart from the controlling unit called the Central Processing Unit. Micro controller (AT89C51) In this project work we are using AT89C51 micro-controller. This micro-controller plays a major role. Micro-controllers were originally used as components in complicated process-control systems. However, because of their small size and low price, Micro-controllers are now also being used in regulators for individual control loops. In several areas Micro-controllers are now outperforming their analog counterparts and are cheaper as well. A Micro controller consists of a powerful CPU tightly coupled with memory RAM, ROM or EPROM), various I / O features such as Serial ports, Parallel Ports, Timer/Counters, Interrupt Controller, Data Acquisition interfaces-Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), Digital to Analog Converter (ADC), everything integrated onto a single Silicon Chip. It does not mean that any micro controller should have all the above said features on chip, Depending on the need and area of application for which it is designed, The ON-CHIP features present in it may or

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