Accidental Plagiarism Analysis

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Prof. Follis,
The type of plagiarism that might be hard for me to avoid is, accidental plagiarism. Sometimes, due to the amount of material that I have to deal with on a given day, I may speed read through my class work. Sometimes, the reading for class, is very long or difficult to read, because of the writing style. Other times I may feel connected to the way the author writes and may have very similar thought(s). As a result, I may accidentally plagiarize by writing something very similar, to what the author wrote. (Bethel University, 2014)
The best way for me to avoid accidental plagiarism when paraphrasing, is to set aside the time, to adequately read the material and view the attend section more than just once. In addition, taking very
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Retrieved from (Attend, Slide 7, 11)
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Accidental plagiarizing when paraphrasing, is something that I thing we have to constantly think about and remind ourselves of. No matter how long we have been citing. I try to put myself, in the other person’s position. I would not like it, if someone stole what I wrote. I think that we have to stand up for what is right.
I am going to work harder on my notes, to jot down the cite points. (Bethel University, 2014) Even if I have to draw a line and write the cite point to a place that I have not written yet. Oh, my! I just had a brilliant thought. If I type my notes on the computer, and insert the cites in my notes, it will be easier to copy and paste them into place where and when I need them. It is an idea, that might help save time! I like reflecting on material, it definitely pays off.
Bethel University (2014), Unit 3 Library, APA Formatting & Writing. Retrieved from Pg. 11,
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