Accidents. Modern Life Today Made People Use Too Many Times

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ACCIDENTS Modern life today made people use too many times on their electronic devices like laptops, cell phones, iPad, TV… People started to have the cell phone addiction. They use it every time except sleeping. Having somebody use their phones while in traffic, that is one of important brings to accidents. Traffic accidents are an important problem need to find a way to cut it. When I think about distracted driving, I will think about the attention of drivers while driving, what did they do when they are driving cars? What caused of distracted driving? Did they focus on driving? Comparing and contrasting between “Lawmakers Should Make It Easier to Ticket Distracted Drivers” by John Bauer (2017) and “Cell phones Bans Haven’t Made Us…show more content…
Despite the similarity in their thinking of using cell phones are dangerous, Bauer and Badger differ in their perspectives about traffic collisions and the role of cell phones in distracted driving. Bauer mentions about the development of cell phones, that made people use their minds on smartphones more than anything else. In his article, he has strongly confirmations to protect his opinion to explain that cell phones are the reason of almost accidents. He gave information via the research about a number of people were injured or died because of accidents, and they were holding devices. The percentage of distracted drivers could shield his quotes from the suspicion of other people like Badger in her Article. While Bauer decided the importance of the role of cell phones in a traffic collision, Badger has chosen that the human behavior is the primary reason affected to accidents. She mentioned more about the behavior of humans when they couldn’t stop themselves looking at their phone when they listen to the ringtone. People could easily lose the concentration on their work. She thinks people could do many different things while driving like using makeup products or eating, talking with other people in cars. And cell phones are just one of many different reasons caused by distracted driving. Although both Bauer and Badger have the same point of view about the danger of using phones while driving, the role of the cell
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