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Company Profile

Company profile

The year 2008 saw the definitive reinvention of a great company. Less than a decade ago, ACCIONA was one of Spain’s leading construction companies and was actively diversifying and seeking business opportunities worldwide. In the last year, and after divesting Endesa in 2009, ACCIONA has culminated the transformation into a company that is a pioneer in development and sustainability, and a global leader in the development, production and management of renewable energy, water and infrastructure with the minimum environmental impact. This achievement would not have been possible without ACCIONA’s pioneering background. It was created by the first merger in Spain’s
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The Company purchased 213,000 square metres of land in the state of Rio de Janeiro to develop 372 homes as part of a project costing a total of 28 million euros. april. ACCIONA was ranked among the top ten companies in the latest

report from Merco, which rates the top 100 Spanish companies with the best corporate reputation. may. At the ORP 2008 VI International Conference on Occupational Risk Prevention, ACCIONA received the ORP 2008 International Award for its commitment to disseminating and applying a culture of safety as part of its exemplary safety management system. June. ACCIONA, which participated in Expo Zaragoza 2008 as a partner-sponsor, received the Medal of Honour for its alignment with the Expo’s theme, “Water and Sustainable Development”, a slogan which is closely linked to the Company’s strategic positioning. July. ACCIONA began implementation of specific sustainability strategies in other countries. The first six countries

selected are: Poland, the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Brazil. With this initiative, ACCIONA aims to turn sustainable development into a tool to complement its international expansion. august. ACCIONA built five solar gardens with a total capacity of 30 MWp at a cost of 222 million euros. They are located in Navarre, Castile-La Mancha and Estremadura and are owned jointly by more than 1,400 people. The Company ended the year with 115 MWp of photovoltaic capacity, 177% more than the
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