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Communicating information to external decision makers is accomplished through ___ as part of the process of ___.

A. Financial statements, bookkeeping

B. Financial statements, accounting

C. Journal entries, bookkeeping

D. Journal entries, accounting

Answer Key: B

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Human judgment is important in which of the following AIS tasks: (i) designing source documents, (ii) recognizing recordable transactions.

A. I only

B. II only

C. Both I and II

D. Neither I nor II

Answer Key: C

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ii. A U.S. auto manufacturer tries to market a car in Mexico. The car does not sell because the Spanish translation of its name means “it doesn’t go.” iii. An employee receives insufficient training in how to use specialized software. iv. Due to employee theft, a corporation spends more than anticipated buying new tools

The risks listed above contain examples of all the categories in Brown’s risk taxonomy except:

A. Financial

B. Operational

C. Strategic

D. Hazard

Answer Key: D

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According to the COSO definition, internal control should promote ___ in financial reporting.

A. Truth

B. Accuracy

C. Both A and B

D. Neither A nor B

Answer Key: D

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A well-designed set of internal controls helps a company achieve four main purposes. Which of the following best pairs two controls related to a single purpose?

A. Restrictive endorsements and bank reconciliations

B. Restrictive endorsements and pre-numbered documents (such as checks)

C. Bank reconciliations and background checks

D. Pre-numbered documents and background checks

Answer Key: A

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Erin has maintained a very high GPA throughout her accounting
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