Accommodating Differences in Education Essay

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Teachers must work in a diverse classroom which requires the educator to exceed or at least meet the needs of their students. Students will have different personalities, skills, interests and learning needs. New teachers find diverse classrooms very challenging to individualize a lesson plan. Instructing a class of students that are not all identical to each other is rewarding. Teaching a group of different pupils will give a new teacher professional improvement and development. Instructing a class encompasses a many different methodologies, teaching procedures, interaction configurations, and responsibilities. Most new teachers feel no confidence in their teaching abilities. When they do have a diverse class with special needs, English…show more content…
Students will a need a variation of methodologies to choose from. “Teaching diverse learners requires monitoring student progress and responding to student input -- which might mean teaching differently” (Strategies, 2008) which can be challenging for some instructors. There are many special learning opportunities that can be offered to a diverse class. A special learning opportunity would be: extra play time with motor skill, listening to classmates read, and a culture fair. Anything that is different than a regular lesson plan would be a special way of learning. Other opportunities a diverse class that can be offered is if a family member could come in and share for a special day. Sharing about a student’s disability, language, or culture will help the other students understand the differences. An educator can accommodate different students by using an individualized lesson plans (lesson plans are found at the end of the paper). A smaller class size is ideal for a teacher that has a class similar to this one. The lesson plan for special needs students will need to be adjusted by making the homework easier. “Students with special needs are those who are different enough from their peers that they require specially adapted instructional materials and practices to help them maximize their learning and achievement” (Ormrod, 2011).The problems need to remain the same, but the amount of similar questions can be cut back. A
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