Accommodating Different Learning Styles

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I agree with you that teachers often need to adjust their delivery of the subject, and adjust accordingly. This can be difficult to do when there are so many different learning styles, it takes an instructor that is willing to put in the time to cater to those different learning styles making sure that all in the class is learning the subject. According to UMass University (2017), Visual learners need to be able to see how things are done, PowerPoint handouts are very helpful. UMass states that auditory learners require sounds and noises along with a lecture type class to learn best. Kinesthetic learners according to UMass are hands-on learners, they need to be able to use their hands and experiment with the subject to best learn (UMass 2017). I myself am a Kinesthetic learner, I defiantly learn better when I can touch things and see how things tick, this type of learner has a little difficulty learning online. In the classroom, the instructor needs to use PowerPoint, PowerPoint needs to have videos and sound incorporated into them, for the Kinesthetic learner their needs to be a portion of the class set aside for some hands on experiences when possible, in my opinion.
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(2017). Tips for Educators on Accommodating Different Learning Styles. Retrieved 04 15, 2017, from UMass:
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