Accomplishment, Determination, And Success

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Almost everyone has dreams of becoming someone whether that's being a lawyer, doctor, or even a engineer. Accomplishment, determination, and success are the three main words that give us the ability and strength to achieve everything that we hope we can wish for. There is not a day when people think that failure may happen because that is what frightens us the most. To be honest all that stress is worth it because it leads to a brighter future for myself. I know that as long as I put in all the effort into my work, I will be able to succeed. As an individual I live two separate lives. First, I live a life as a student who aspires of becoming a successful business woman. Second, I live a life as an employee who is trying to pay for college and help her parents get through financial situations. Dealing with these two important aspects of my life is so difficult at times that it is just so hard to relax. My life is a constant…show more content…
On my free days I am usually studying or trying to pay for college by working. It's really difficult trying to manage both workloads at the same time. Trying to help my parents with our financial situation and trying to manage my classes sometimes makes me wonder what I'm suppose to fight for the most. It's going to be even more difficult for my parents when my two siblings are going to be in college. When it comes to managing these two lives I prepare myself and work hard as much as possible. I am at a phase in my life where I have to deal with situations and just move on from it because that is what keeps me moving. As a person I live a hectic life. With all the craziness I barely get time for myself, but this is what I have learned to accept. Sometimes we just have to embrace what life has to offer us because eventually we learn from it and tend to define the true purpose of being human. I am the type of person who lives in the moment, so I am ready for whatever life has to offer
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