Accomplishments And Failures Of George Washington

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Sterling Bleu Selana Mr. David Early U.S. History 21 April 2017 Many Triumphs and Failures of George Washington. As a young boy, George Washington grew up in a small town in Pope’s Creek, Virginia. He came from this small town in hopes of achieving great things, like becoming the first president of the United States. He faced many failures, but by overcoming them, he made many great achievements. Although, he faced hardship and failures, he did not let those get in the way of his goals. He became one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America. George Washington had early influences as a child. His childhood wasn’t easy, his mother passed away when he was eleven years, then later on his father passes away also. The…show more content…
Then later on he became commander of the Virginia Militia. Commander George Washington helped defeat the French and capture Fort Duquesne and Fort Pitt. After Washington’s years of service he resigned because he grew to dislike their attitudes. He then returned to Mount. Vermont,(“French and Indian War”). Later on, in 1775 George was unanimously selected to be Commander-in-Chief of the Second Continental Congress, ("Primary Documents in American History"). Even though Washington was used to commanding a small militia, he had an excellent strategy. His first move was to occupy Dorchester Heights, where he brought supplies from Fort Ticonderoga and forced the British to evacuate Boston. Throughout the war for Independence, Washington continued to use his unique strategies. His strategies he used on the Hessians in Trenton was the surprise attack. Most of the battles he fought, he planned out very well. He failed sometimes, but that didn’t stop him from fighting. Washington was well organized, very attentive to details, and expected hard work and effort from his troops. During every war Washington would visit his home ten times, he stayed in Valley Forge. During the wars he would also write letters to help his army by giving cattle to his army to feed them. Then, The Treaty of Paris ended the war for Independence and started The Revolutionary War. In June of 1775, Congress ordered General Washington to lead the Continental Army in
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