Accomplishments of The Justicia for Migrant Workers Essay

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The Justicia for Migrant Workers (J4MW) is a non-profit organization run by volunteer aimed at helping the migrant framworkers to gain their rights in Canada. This organization established in April 2001 when over 20 Mexican migrant workers organized a strike in Leamington and repatriated. They demand for a employment insurance created for the migran workers by the federal government and the right to apply for citizenship in Canada. Moreover, they fight to gain the fair treat and right to appeal for the workers (J4MW website, Our Main Demands). They offers workshop to educate the migrant workers to understand their rights and collect their complaints. Through the interaction with the farmers, helps them raise the awareness of legal issues. …show more content…

Today, the situation is not getting better. After 9/11, people come from other countries are seen as a threat. Canadaian not only afraid that they could take the jobs, they also seen the migrant workers as potential criminals (Street, 2003). In fact, white settlers came to Canada as foreigners. After the white settler society been established, the racial hirearchy was created (Razack, 2002). Migrant farmers worker have no insurance to protect them in case they become sick. When Canadian worried about the migrants might become criminals, the workers’ safty and health are under the risk. Migrant workers are taking jobs that Canadians do no want to do (Chowdhury). Most of the workers come to Canada without knowing their rights or unable to argue because of the language. J4MW was established for the migrant workers to educate them to understand that they are treat unequally and help them connect with the agency which can help them. J4MW organized mant labour movement in Canada which link to race, gender, sexuality and class. Their supports helps migrants to practice the organising skills and inspire many other eqity groups.
In 2004, J4MW wrote a open statement to the federal Imiigration Minister Joe Volpe to complain the ignorance of government to the migrant workers. The statement titiled “Open Statement to Minister of Immigration Joe Volpe” mentions that all the farm workers are working under a “slave-like

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