According To Marx, Society Is Primarily Divided On Those

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According to Marx, society is primarily divided on those who own property, For Marx, he believes that there are only two primary groups in society and these classes are the bourgeoisies and the proletariats whose social relationship is the motivational force for change in capitalism. But before humans can do anything, they must satisfy certain their basic needs, they must feed, clothe and house themselves though productive labor, as it is the This approach is called by Marx, the Materialist Conception of History. Because humans produce their own means of life, the only available means would determine their level of existence, as the “productive forces of society” consist of the means of production and labor power, enabling them to…show more content…
With everything bought and sold at its value, with the capitalists pocketing the surplus- value made from the labor of the proletariats. Now Marx isn’t saying that all components of capitalism are bad, it’s just that the capitalist class must exploit the proletariats to remain on top of the hierarchy. They must continue to exploit to build their wealth at their best interest, as their class division entails them to continuously do to continue the wealth bloodline In this context, Marx realizes that the productive forces in a society develop faster than production relations, and they may also conflict with each other. Formally breaking down what consisted of the hierarchy structure that depersonalized many, in which freedom was limited because one’s social class, attempting to break free of the oppression that once was. This conflict was to be resolved by replacing the old socio- economical production relation with a new one. According to Marx, there are five socio-economic formations. They were “primitive-communal, slave owning, feudal, capitalist and communist”. Marx claims that each class conflict between each production has ultimately reached their final stage of revolution after transitioning from one socio economic format to another. This underlined the progressive character changes of the social development scheme. With Marx believing that the changes made in society would correspond to the mode of production in society by replacing the exploitative mode of
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