According To President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's View Of Truth?

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In everyday life men and women see different views of truth. We are constantly assaulted by advertisements showing so much information that eventually absolute truth can become muddled. In a worldwide broadcast, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf discussed what is truth and gave some helpful advice when it comes to finding truth. Uchtdorf explains the importance of having truth. In everything wrong and right is used, whether to prove a point or to explain why something happens truth helps to better human life. Uchtdorf talked about our time here on Earth is best spent finding and teaching truth in a latter day Saint environment. But truth can change as time goes by, Uchtdorf gave some examples; such as scientists thinking the earth was flat, or eating tomatoes would kill you. These things have been proved to be different from original believed truth.…show more content…
Uchtdorf told a poem about blind men who all felt the same elephant but didn't know what they were feeling. Each man had his own idea of what they felt. One thought it was rope another said it was a tree and a third said it was a long snake. While each man was sure of his own answer they were all wrong to use. We know what an elephant looks like but they did not. The point of the story was to show that when seeking truth one can't only trust their own knowledge. What is truth; "that is a question for all time and for all people", but all who seek truth can find it. With the help of others modern technology and of course God we can all be seekers of absolute
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