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According to Ruiz, it is important to be impeccable with your word. Impeccability of the word will manifest you in wonderful ways. Being impeccable with your word you will start to love yourself. Also, being impeccable with your word you can end fear and also, you won’t receive emotional poison.

When you are impeccable with your word you could start loving yourself. Most of the time we judge ourselves by putting these negative thoughts and falling into a melancholy state. We tend to have self hate and we use it against others to make them hate themselves too. According to Ruiz, “ Oh, I look fat, I look ugly. I’m getting old old, I’m losing my hair. I’m stupid, I never understand anything. I will never be good enough, and I’m never going to be perfect ” (Ruiz,42). You will have self-love and you won’t let yourself be unhappy because you will be impeccable with your word.

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By being impeccable with your word you will not get black magic or put spells on someone else. Usually humans tend to spread fear by using words that will scare us or make us doubt about our opinions. If a fear is planted on our mind we could create many event that involves drama; some of our minds are not that fertile and prepared to receive love. According to Ruiz,
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People tend to tell you bad things about others and you will believe them. Then you will have that same opinion about others, just because they told you. When a person gives you this opinion about how she/he felt about someone, you will also think the same and assume they are right about them. According to Ruiz, “ On the first day of class, you run into someone who took the class before, who tells you, “ Oh that instructor was such a pompous jerk! He didn’t know what he was talking about, and he was a pervert too, so watch out!” (Ruiz,39). You won’t receive any emotional poison because you will be impeccable with your
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