According To Singer's Argument For Animal Rights

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Singer brings a new set of thought to the common belief about equality. He alludes to how the white slave owners’ once believed that the black slaves did not deserve equal treatment. The fundamental doctrine of equality for a period has been tested on human beings. The equality for a long period was vested in the treatment of women and blacks. Racism and gender prejudice have always been the ground for the argument for equality. However, according to what Singer posits, there is major concern that stipulates the need to expand the thoughts towards other species. Additionally, human beings are supposed to extend this thought to other nonhuman organisms. Grounded on the primary argument that the doctrine of equality was set, things should not …show more content…

He claims that animals are not a part and parcel of a society of moral agents that have the capacity to respond to any moral claim. Cohen in his fierce arguments claims that animal experiment is justifiable, and this is a way that would help in reducing pain and sufferings to human beings. According to him, human beings deserve better treatment than other animals. He claims that using animals in the experiments would help in improving the welfare of human beings (Miller 90). Cohen tries to justify his claims by saying that we do not have any direct obligation not to inflict pain and suffering on the animals. He further says that when animals are used in experiments, we do not violate any of their rights since they do not have any right to be violated.
3. Explain whether or not you think the Silver Spring monkey experiments were ethically justified. Why or why not?
The Silver Spring monkey experiments were ethically justified. To support this claim, I would like us to relate the death of an animal and that of a human being. It would be prudent even to kill two animals in research rather than to let a whole generation be affected with a disease. For instance, by keeping the animals in the lab with open wounds is a way of scientifically executing the research and by bandaging the wounds, they would go against the intention of the research. I tend to believe that the Silver Spring monkey experiment was ethical and justifiable.
4. Explain whether you think the brain development experiments were ethically justified. Why or why

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