According To The Above Petition Filed On January 4, 2017,

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According to the above petition filed on January 4, 2017, by Portsmouth Police Officer M. L. Moore, the following incident occurred at Churchland Middle School, in the city of Portsmouth: “On December 9, 2016, at approximately 11:45 hours, victim and all offenders including Quazonte Edwards were in the cafeteria for lunch when the offenders took the victim’s Iphone that was approximately $700.00 from what appeared to be her back pocket. It was reported to security at which time cameras were pulled to see who may have taken the item. In the video there are approximately five offenders. Three of them actually touched the phone to pass it to each other and hid it and the other two watched the incident occur without reporting it. One female…show more content…
Quazonte is a fourteen year old African-American male who is currently before the court on a charge of receiving stolen property. He has no history of escape. He has had one juvenile detention confinement and no out of home placements or other court ordered placements. Quazonte has had no contact with any other Virginia Court Service Units or other states Court Service Units, which resulted in diversion or informal resolution at Intake. He has no other pending matters before the court. Quazonte has had no court ordered interventions.
Quazonte currently lives with his mother and siblings. Quazonte follows household rules and expectations, and obeys some rules. Quazonte is consistently subject to appropriate consequences for bad behavior and consistently receives appropriate rewards for good behavior. His mother always practices good supervision and she clearly disapproves of his behavior. Quazonte 's home includes some conflict, but it is well managed. Most of the conflict was characterized by Ms. Edward’s as “sibling disagreements, like brothers and sisters have with one another. Nothing ever gets out of hand or physical.” She stated her authority is accepted in the home and respected by her children. Quazonte has never runaway or been kicked out of the house.

The probation officer’s home visit was conducted on March 14, 2017. The home is in the Stone Ridge Apartment complex in the Churchland area of Portsmouth. The home was neat and appropriately

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