According To The Author Of “Build A Streamlined Refinery”,

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According to the author of “Build a Streamlined Refinery”, an on-demand orchestration for mixing traditional data and big data powers a Streamlined Data Refinery. This is also a first step in the direction of Governed Data Delivery, which is the delivery of integrated, credible and timely data to power analytics at scale no matter what the data source, environment, or user role is. This Governed Data Delivery sets the groundwork for smooth end user exploring and analyzing validated data blends from throughout the organization (“Build a Streamlined Refinery”).
According to Pentaho, a Hitachi Group company, the Streamlined Data Refinery architecture provides a user-driven credible data delivery process. The design pattern of a Streamlined
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The strong functionality of PDI makes it easy for IT to validate data sources being blended at the source fast and easily. This allows a good measure of control without creating problems with end user data access ("Build a Streamlined Data Refinery").
As their website states, Pentaho’s Streamlined Data Refinery solution delivers remarkable approach to diverse, governed data that can be used for analytics on-demand. It also provides other benefits. With SDR data sets are virtualized and managed using logical service endpoints. The operation is hidden from users and this allows IT to refactor the basic data infrastructure without having any effect on LOB users ("Build a Streamlined Data Refinery").
Security in a Streamlined Data Refinery is enforced centrally. With this configuration, requests are made using a common application such as the Pentaho User Console. This means if you disable a user account or remove their membership from a role, then access will be revoked. Pentaho controlled access can also be configured to match an existing enterprise security scheme.
Within a Streamlined Data Refinery storage, data transformations, and query serving can be called into action by using products that are a match to existing skills and infrastructure. Since PDI jobs and transformations are flexible, this allows IT developers to run workloads in Hadoop in a

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