'Accordin's Article Canines To The Rescue'

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In wars thousands of years past, men have had more than just cannons and swords at their sides. Dogs have stayed by humans through the impossible, sacrificing themselves for their owners even in the most life-threatening circumstances. What could be more life-threatening than the frontlines of a war, or being on the trail of a dangerous criminal? Dogs have the incredible natural senses and an unshakable loyalty to humans that makes them a valuable asset to first responders.
The article, “Canines to the Rescue” tells about how dogs have been used to locate survivors at Ground Zero in the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York City. “Locating the dead and searching (too often in vain for the living is obviously an emotionally draining task,” says the article, “It’s no picnic for dogs.” Dogs may appear to be simple domestic animals, but they have emotions and problems just like humans, and are more than capable of thinking for themselves. These dogs suffer through injury as well as emotional trauma, all the while staying close to their soldier or their officer. Sometimes, it’s hard for a dog to stay away, as the article relates how one dog urged its owner to go to work even after it had been injured.
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Dog bites kill or seriously injure countless people, and a powerful dog could easily tear through a human. Dogs, by nature, are wild animals governed by their instincts. However, dogs used by first responders go through intense training for months on end. They establish an unbreakable bond with their owners, as seen in the video “Soldier Adopts Dog,” where a soldier adopts the dog that saved his life. “I owned this dog… I owe her everything,” he says. “These dogs are just like our brothers, to our left and our right.” His dog currently lives with his family and shows very little aggression, and, of course, is still loyal to its
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