Accountaability In Nonprofit Organizations

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Nonprofit Chief Executive Officers are charged with providing leadership for the entire organization. This leadership is not limited to any one area of the nonprofit. The CEO is expected to provide mission, financial, and personal leadership for the workers employed or volunteering at a nonprofit organization. If a CEO is not an accounting professional the right move is often to hire a financial professional to serve on their staff (Bell & Schaffer,2005). Not only should this professional to do the accounting work they could also be expected to teach the CEO and other key leaders the basics around nonprofit accounting. This is not to imply a CEO can simply delegate financial management instead the CEO is responsible for the total leadership…show more content…
Once the followers of a nonprofit organization realize that their CEO is unaware of finances, they might attempt to take advantage of the situation. This could allow embezzlers to go unnoticed. If followers see that the CEO is uninterested in accounting they might also take an attitude of indifference concerning accounting regulations. Establishing a culture of accountability is a key duty of a nonprofit CEO and by hiring a professional to help teach nonprofit accounting would help create a culture of accountability, and awareness around nonprofit accounting. Another way to ensure a nonprofit leader is a strong financial leader is by having an outside organization periodically audit a nonprofit’s records. Accurate record keeping can be a true indicator of a nonprofit organization’s leadership. If records are kept haphazardly the normal assumption would be the CEO is not providing strong leadership for the…show more content…
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