Accountability Is The Assignment Of Responsibility For Conducting Activities

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What is accountability in education? According to, “Accountability is the assignment of responsibility for conducting activities in a certain way or producing specific results” (Thurlow, 2009). Accountability is a word heard every day within the school system. Everyone that has anything to do with education has to be accountable for the results of what is happening in our system. Responsibility should be shared; however, in education that is not always true. Every profession is responsible for some type of accountability; however, the difference in education is that our clients are children. In education, our goal is to have the children take a standardized test, and to increase their scores on the test. Accountability requires the school to select a goal, and then find ways to measure if your goal is on track during the year. The school will use a school improvement plan to monitor the progress. If the goal is not being met, the strategies need to be revisited. This all came about because of the government making a deal with the states to receive more money if they agreed on being held accountable. The “new” accountability, enshrined in federal law since the mid-1990s and a major emphasis of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, focuses on student performance, schools as the unit of improvement, public reporting of achievement results, continuous improvement, and consequences for schools attached to student performance. (Fuhrman, 1999).
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