Accountability - The importance of obligation with the Army.

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Accountability Accountability can be described as the process of being held liable or responsible for an action or given task. Accountability goes hand in hand with being successful in any place of work. To be accountable would mean being willing to accept responsibility for ones actions. Being accountable shows moral discipline and portrays maturity. Accountability also correlates with knowing where a certain person resides currently or in the future. In the Army accountability represents organization, discipline, and control. Accountability becomes an obligation when you join the Army, it benefits every party involved. The importance of obligation with the Army. Your obligations given to you as a soldier are there to help you …show more content…
This shows just part of how important your obligations could be, they could result in another person’s well-being. Performing your obligations demonstrates that you understand military values. It demonstrates selfless service because many times a soldier will be required to pass up on time with their family and friends in order to successfully fulfill their obligation to the Army. My obligations to keep my team leader updated of my presence was failed since I didn’t let him know that I was leaving my class to perform personal duties, which he would have prevented me from doing. If I had followed my obligations to refer to my team leader on what I can or cannot do than I would not have failed my leadership in not reporting. Responsibility can closely be related to accountability. Being responsible means that you can be trusted to execute an order or request given to you by another person. The responsibilities I inherited through joining the army are there to better me as a person. I am held responsible to uphold the military values and portray a role model character for those around me. Being that I represent the Army as a whole and that one’s opinion of me can easily be confused or related to ones opinion of the army. Thus expressing the importance I have to those also in the Army if though I’m just a private. I hold the responsibility
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