Accountability in Health Care

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* * * * * Accountability in Health Care * Erika Denton * August 31, 2011 * HCS/475 Instructor David R. Campbell * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Accountability * Accountability in health care is important for management and legal reasons. There are different areas of accountability professional competence, legal and ethical conduct, and financial performance, adequacy of access, public health promotion, and community benefit. Accountability for professional competence is vital to the health care industry due to the significant amount of responsibility health care professionals have for other human beings lives. A health care professional…show more content…
This process creates checks and balances and breeds an environment of accountability making employee’s responsible for their individual job performance (Studer, 2011). * Accountability affects an organizations work environment by making every individual responsible for their duties. Accountability affects working culture by creating a more positive and ownership of responsibility work culture. Accountability reduces finger pointing and shifting of blame it defines each employee’s responsibilities and goals so that each employee is measured by their job duties and responsibilities. Working culture in a successful organization promotes accountability, openness, and a clear understanding of goals for each employee. Accountability ensures that each employee understands what their responsibilities are and what is require of them what they need to achieve on an individual basis. Even with in group working cultures it is important to have individual accountability. * Maintaining a positive working culture is important to the organization’s success and in avoiding a working culture of blame. There are a number of methods to maintaining a positive working culture such as an open door policy, group meetings, open communication, and individual employee accountability (Studer, 2011). By making each employee accountable for their own job and responsibilities avoids an environment of finger pointing and blame shifting.
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