Accountability of Nursing Professionals When Implementing Evidence Based Practice

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Accountability means:” being accountable for one’s own action”. The American Nursing Association (ANA) states in its code that the nurse will assume accountability for individual nursing judgments and actions. Professional nurses are accountable in several areas including accountability to the public, client, profession, employer, and self (Hood, 2010, p. 307). All professional nurses have the responsibility to work within their scope of practice to provide the best possible care to patients. Nurses’ should have a thorough knowledge about their accountability in specific areas of practice. The level of responsibility and accountability depends on professional levels. A nursing supervisor has more responsibility than a charge- nurse. A …show more content…
To the Public/Clients: Nursing is a profession that is responsible to patients and also to public. It is the right of the society to expect the best possible quality of care. So it is essential for nurses to stay abreast of current best practices. Nurses should have the knowledge of updated systems and modern equipments. Attending seminars and conferences, completing required competency tests, reading related books and articles, and complying with the required certifications are some of the ways to be proficient with the changes taking place in nursing field. Nurses should be aware of consumer’s increased level of knowledge and the increased accessibility to information from various sources (Hood, 2010, p. 307-308). Nurses are expected to be exercising reasonable judgment and deliver reasonable care to patients. Nurses have the obligation to act in the best interest of the patient. For example, recently one of my patients expressed her wish to change her code status. She stated that she is very tired because of her critical illness. She wants to go home to die peacefully. She told me that since her family is not listening to her wish she is frustrated. I informed her about hospice care at home and she requested to get more information from them. As a responsible nurse, I spoke with the physician and got the order for hospice evaluation for that patient. Finally, she was able to go home under hospice care. This shows the
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