Accountable Care Organizations

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Accountable Care Organizations and The National Healthcare System | :The Next generation of Healthcare in America |


Accountable Care Organizations and the National Healthcare System
The Next Generation of Healthcare in America
National healthcare has been a hot button issue around dinner tables in America for years. Everyone seems to have an option on what will or will not work, how our county will afford it and what a plan would entail. Although we are unsure of how a plan would affect the country or the average American. Whether one is for or against the current healthcare plans that have been put in place by our government, We can all agree that the need for a national healthcare system is due to rising healthcare cost,
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Accountable Care Organizations can help curb over s spending with the use of accountability factors that have been put in place. Because of the span of an ACO, the population it will oversee, and the size of the group of healthcare providers overseeing the patients needs there will be an elimination of duplicated and unnecessary healthcare service. This will also flow into their quality model of patient care where they have put in place checks and balances to make sure that a patient medical needs are being looked after to the highest standard, if providers do these effectively they will receive financial incentives.
Secondly the rapid rate of uninsured Americans in the United States largely contributes to the overall cost of healthcare as well as health insurance and every American is affected. In 2004 the total cost of healthcare for the uninsured in the United States was (including both those without coverage for all or part of the year) almost $125 billion and there were 44 million Americans who were uninsured. Of the total healthcare cost accrued in 2004 by uninsured Americans uncompensated or unpaid healthcare is estimated to be $40.7 billion dollars. The federal government pays for over two-thirds of this by making payments to hospitals in the form of Disproportionate share hospital (DSH) payments—payments intended to offset losses hospitals. These payments are appropriated when hospitals incur
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