Accountable Health Care

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Accountable Health Care One of the most popular topics discussed in the healthcare industry today is accountability. Accountability is vital to this industry at a myriad of levels including those that apply to specific organizations, employees, as well as to the industry as a whole. There have been a number of proposed measures of legislation recently considered to augment the process of increasing accountability within the field of healthcare, and both employers and government officials alike are calling for tangible, measurable results indicating efficacious levels of accountability (Desmon 2010). The challenge for organizations within this industry, then, is to recognize the importance of accountability and employ measures in which it is possible to quantify this important trait within all employees. In order to carry out this process, it is integral for such organizations to implement a method of checks and balances that keeps various individuals honest regarding their accountability throughout all stages of the healthcare industry. Finally, organizations must both anticipate and positively influence their working culture to accommodate the innate changes that will take place due to increased accountability and the infrastructure required to put it in place. The first step to imparting an industry wide sense of accountability throughout the healthcare profession that affects employers and employees alike is to recognize the need for this assuming of responsibility.
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