Accountants Earn On Average Of 67,190 Annually, According

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Accountants earn on average of 67,190 annually, according to the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Average growth rate in the field is 11%, surpassing other job rate growths. As long as the economy continues to expand, accountants will always be in demand. Businesses expand, new businesses are established, and the need for competent accountants grows. (Dept. labor) Within the accounting field, there are different career options, including public accounting, private accounting, and auditing. I aim to develop my skills as a private accountant, as well as to file basic tax returns for family, friends, and myself.
I began pursuing my career goal in 2016, when I enrolled in a BS degree program, specializing in accounting. I chose accounting
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The accounting profession has implemented technology in countless ways. The IRS has encouraged electric filing (e-filing) for submitting tax returns (Whittenburg & Gill, 2017). Updated information for tax rates, amounts for personal and dependency exemptions, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) rules, are currently available via the World Wide Web. Many programs, such as Excel, act as financial calculators and perform financial formulas fast and error free. Accounting software programs are coded to use algorithms in synthesizing information, organizing information, and displaying information for users. As technology advances, increasingly sophisticated algorithms and functions become available. In my company, information from every department’s programs is imported into the software program that the finance department uses. This automated feature enables each department to employ the technology that achieves its efficacy. Additionally, computer technology maximizes available resources. Real-time data and financials are now obtainable (accountex). With automated functions, a series of buttons can spit out the desired information in the desired format.
Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular (journal). I anticipate companies will sign up with a cloud software provider so they can run programs and save information in the clouds, using
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