Accounting : A Career As A Career In Accounting

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The most interesting area of business that I would want to pursue as a career is accounting. In high school, I had the opportunity to take several business classes through our career technical education program, but the accounting courses especially sparked my interest as I began to understand the content and excel in it. I enjoyed using my math skills and seeing the transfer of money in different situations. With excellent instructors that gave me a passion for the subject, I knew that accounting was right for me. Even though there were many career options in the world of accounting and auditing for me to choose from, such as public accounting, managerial accounting, and internal/external auditing, forensic accounting seemed like a perfect fit. During my junior and senior year, I took a forensics course and became a teacher’s assistant for the class the year afterwards. I found the topic intriguing and wondered if I could possibly incorporate those skills into my business career. When I was searching for a college that I wanted to go to, I eventually found Waynesburg University and saw that they offered forensic accounting as a major. After doing some research on forensic accounting, determining that it involved accounting skills, analysis, and investigation, I chose Waynesburg University as my school and forensic accounting as the major and career that I wanted to pursue. In addition, I was happy to know that I would follow in my family’s footsteps of working for the

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