Accounting Analysis Essay

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1. Accounting Analysis
Assess the degree to which the firm’s accounting reflects the underlying business reality. Identify accounting distortions and evaluate their impact on profits and the sustainability of profits.
Financial statements are used to determine the business activities of a firm and the role of accounting analysis is to determine the accuracy and quality of the information provided. This analysis would look into the degree of its accounting figures captures its business reality through the policies used and its resulting noise, potential forecast errors and its impact on Myer’s profit.
A few critical areas which are vital to Myers business which includes credit losses, quality of net accounts receivable, inventory
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This increase in flexibility would allow Myer to increase its accuracy in terms of the term it is used for. This could possibly explain the increase in depreciation in 2011 of 79443k compared to that in 2010 of 62705k.
Intangible assets are one of the most significant items in Myers financial statement. It consists of goodwill, brand names and trademarks, software and leases. AASB 136 Impairment of Assets requires Goodwill and some of the brand names that are indefinite useful life to test for the impairment. In Myer, there is no impairment loss. Furthermore, the accumulated amortisations of the other intangible assets are shown in the table X have a total value of $73585 thousand. According to AASB 117 Leases, the total rentals leases over the leases term are being expensed on a straight-line basis. In contrast, Myer’s competitor David Jones has only two intangible assets goodwill and software. The accumulated amortisation for software is $28808 thousand which is shown in the table X and it is the total value of accumulated amortisation.
David Jones does not included leases as part of their intangible assets but Myer does. This shows the different ways of recording accounting record between its competitors, and managers have an incentive to determine on the choice of recording items. This reflects business operation reflecting in its underlying business reality. Therefore, manager has higher chance to manipulate the accounting
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