Accounting Analysis On Accounting Information System

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Accounting information system of the past focused on the recording, summarizing and validating of data about business financial transactions. Accounting systems that were previously performed manually can now be performed with the help of computers,” according to Salehi and other authors (2010) article. The purpose of accounting information system is to help stakeholder settle on better business choices by providing them with accounting information. Clearly, people wouldn 't attempt to run an organization or settle on venture choices without precise and auspicious accounting information, and the accountant who prepares the data. Accounting information system is absorbed on the financial issues of the organization and it gives financial related data to internal and external individuals concerned with the organization. The principle focus of financial accounting is ensuring that the stakeholders are given empowering and precise financial data. The board of committees understands their roles with regard to other areas of corporate control. “The governance committee has clear mission: to look at the composition of the board and recommend improvements to its processes. For example, when the IT governance committee in one of these companies assists the CEO, the CIO, senior management, and the board in driving technology decisions, costly projects tend to remain under control, and the firm can carve out competitive advantage (Nolan & McFarlan, 2005, pg. 1 & 2). The board of
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