Accounting Class As A College Student

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In about one week, I will be sitting in my first 8 a.m. accounting class as a college student. I honestly did not see this day coming for myself. I have so many different emotions about the upcoming week, including nervousness, excitement, and even trepidation. Being the first member of my family to attend college, I have faced many new challenges. Even though the road to this day has been rocky, it has instilled in me a stronger sense of motivation. Growing up in many different homes, facing financial hardships, and taking on the college experience has shaped me into a motivated, young woman. Growing up I was an only child who lived with many relatives throughout the years. When I was about 4, I moved in with my maternal grandmother.…show more content…
Until I was about twelve I moved through homes like it was my job. Both sets of grandparents took me in as well as, aunts, uncles, and family friends. Living with many different parts of family did have its ups and downs, but I have mostly taken away only positive things. I have encountered many different parenting styles, and I grew up taking parts from each home I lived in. My grandparents had a very old school parenting style, which meant many chores and many family activities. My aunts and uncles were always the “cool” parents, which meant I basically got to do what I wanted whenever I wanted to. For the reason that I had to move around so much, I also had to switch schools just as many times. I have cycled through many sets of friends, in various schools. Some friends I have stayed in contact with and others not as much. Encountering many different homes and schools throughout my early childhood, I managed to grow up to be an independent women. It has motivated me to continue to do good for myself so I can one day give back to everyone that has helped me. Due to the fact that my mom was blessed with me early in her life, she was never able to pursue a career in what she loved. From the time I was born until this very day she has always been working one or multiple jobs to keep us afloat. Though the absence of my mom due to her working all the time was hard, I appreciate what it did
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