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Introduction- Our company has been expanding at a fast rate, at some point we will have to hire new employees who are skilled and experienced. The company will have to figure out how to sustain them and keep them loyal to the company by offering various benefits and remunerations. The following document is a detailed report in the field of Accounting. It will include details such as demands for accountants in the industry, Qualifications required in the field, Job Specifications and Benefits and remunerations given to the employees in the field. It will offer the company a good insight into the industry of Accounting and how it works which might help the company with the hiring of future prospect employees. Demand for Labour- The…show more content…
Qualifications Needed- To become a professional Accountant in Canada, there are a lot of requirements but apart from that to be a successful accountant an individual needs various skill such as Analytical skills to be able to review countless documents and figure out what is wrong and figure out how to fix it. An accountant needs close attention to detail and is a good logical thinker with good skills in mathematics. Apart from these skills, there are various educational requirements that need to be met such as an undergraduate degree in these following fields- Accounting, Auditing, Commerce, Finance and Taxation. A degree in these following fields is enough to land a respectable job but to become a certified charted accountant the graduate needs to have a working experience as a bookkeeper in a respectable firm and pass the CPA (Charted Professional Accountant) exam. CPA is considered a very tough exam to pass, after passing this exam the accountant can either apply for a job in a company or start his own firm. Job Responsibilities- An Accountant has various job responsibilities ranging from data entry to bookkeeping to preparing financial statements at the end of the fiscal year. Usually, Accountants review countless pages of information to find

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