Accounting Exploration Career

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Accounting Exploration Career When people talk about accountant, CPA might be the first word that comes out in the mind. It is true that CPA is the most familiar type of accounting work for most of people. However, accountant is a person who works in accounting area. And accounting includes plenty of different types of jobs. The diversity in accounting attracts my interest and makes me decide to major in it. Since accounting contains many different kinds of works, it offers lots of chances to learn different areas in the economic system and even the whole world market. Lots of choices of different jobs is not the only reason that I am interested in being an accountant. Accountant is also a person who does his job in capital…show more content…
Many states require the candidate to have one to two years experience under a CPA. Once you get the CPA license, it is just the start of the accounting life. The best way of all is find a really famous employer in the CPA area. The typical employers will the “Big Four”. The Big Four are the four largest international professional services networks in accountancy and professional services, offering audit, assurance, tax, consulting, advisory, actuarial, corporate finance and legal services. (The Economist: • Work in a large firm like one of the Big Four will have good pay than other firms. It is also important reasons that why there are so many people want to get in the Big Four. According to the statistics from last year. An employee who works in a large firm up to one year is able to make $51,500 - $63,500. (Robert Half 2012 Salary Guide: And under the same situation, if you work in a small firm, you might make about $42,500 - $52,250. (Robert Half 2012 Salary Guide: Compare to other jobs, accountant is a job could be stable but also has lots of space to rise. • So far, there millions of CPAs out there in the United States. It is hard to say that CPA is a stable job. However, with the development of the world economic, CPAs are needed everywhere. The growth of
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