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Campbellsville University School of Business and Economics SYLLABUS Course Title: ACC 601 Managerial Accounting Semester/Dates: Graduate Term 1: August 29, 2011 – October 23, 2011 (Traditional MBA) Meetings: Thursday (6:00 PM – 10:00 PM), AD 25 Faculty: Dr. Sunny Onyiri Office: AD 29-b Phone: (502) 365 4424 Email: Office Hours: Posted Required Materials: Textbook: Noreen/Brewer/Garrison. Managerial Accounting for Managers, With Connect…show more content…
Course Overview: A manager needs a general understanding of accounting which is the process of recording, classifying, reporting and interpreting the financial data of an organization. Discussion, case examples and analysis of double-entry bookkeeping techniques lead to a foundation for analysis of basic financial statements. Managerial accounting concepts then provide the analytical tools necessary for day-to-day management of the business enterprise. Ideally, the student will learn how to evaluate current accounting information and how to make the accounting system a better contributor to the management process. A continuation of Accounting Principles I & II, Managerial Accounting concentrates on the development and analysis of accounting information for managerial planning and control. Looking at the accounting information needs inside a company, this course covers the concepts of cost accumulation, cost behavior patterns, cost-volume-profit relationships, profit planning, budgeting, pricing decisions and capital decisions. Students completing this course are expected to be able to differentiate between financial and managerial accounting and apply managerial accounting concepts to internal financial decision making scenarios. In addition to learning about accounting information, students will be expected to perfect their learning, thinking, communication and teamwork skills. KEY MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING TOPICS
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