Accounting: Fraud and Problem-based Learning Case

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ISSUES IN ACCOUNTING EDUCATION Vol. 18, No. 2 May 2003 pp. 137ñ173

The Tallahassee BeanCounters: A Problem-Based Learning Case in Forensic Auditing
Cindy Durtschi
ABSTRACT: You are auditing the books of the Tallahassee BeanCounters (TBC), a minor league baseball team in Tallahassee, Florida. During your audit the teamís owner, Franklin Kennedy, approaches you and offers an additional fee if you will quietly investigate the possibility of fraud within the firm. Mr. Kennedy reports that he received an anonymous tip and, based on that information, believes that someone within the firm could be perpetrating fraud. Your task is to use the information given here (the financial books and back-up documents) as a starting point for your
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Heís always out on promotional trips. He may be the president, but it is Ben Hill who really runs the place.î Terri Hughes (Assistant to the President): ìTerri guards Ackersí office like the Centurion Guards. Itís impossible to get hold of Ackers to ask the simplest question because Terri will nip your heels right out of the office.î Tucker Johnson (General Manager): ìMr. Johnson is great. He used to play pro ball. The team loves him. He can be tough, but heís good. Weíve sent a lot of guys up to the majors. He doesnít like the paperwork. He lets me do most of the ordering and stuff.î Ben Hill (Office Manager): ìBenís a piece of work. He dresses only in suits and is always hitting on the 20-year-olds, even though heís got to be 40. Got a bunch of ex-wives. The girls think heís disgusting; maybe itís the comb-over. Some people in the office complain that heís ëall overí their work, but he sure keeps the place running smoothly. Luckily, heís healthy. I donít know what would become of this place if he ever took a vacation. He changed our equipment vendor recently. The new rep and Ben seem tight. I think itís a good change. Not only is the equipment always on time, but also the salesman, Charlie Thurgood, delivers it personally! Sure has kept Mr. Johnson off my back.î Michelle Shelton (A/P Clerk): ìSheís Tucker Johnsonís niece. She works hard, but as soon as it is 5 P.M ., sheís out at the dugout hanging around the guys. Sheís cute and

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