Accounting Influences The Role Of A Manager

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Accounting influences the role of a manager in many ways. They have to use accounting almost daily. It used to be general ledgers and pencils, but now we have computers for all that. When an inventory shipment comes in, it is the manager that has to make sure it is documented correctly. When there are damages caused during the shipment, managers have to document that as well. Analyzing and prediction is part of being a manager as well. A manager would perform a margin analysis which finds out the amount of profit a specific product or service generates. Managers also tend to deal a lot with inventory valuations and budgeting. Managers are for internal and external use and are in an advisory role towards others. Accounting skills will influence my role with any organization by learning the skills and understanding them and learning how to apply them. Some of them are, Organization. Organization is very important to accountants they manage a lot of responsibility, which basically is saying they are always very busy. So if you want to be a good accountant and manager a person needs to stay vicus on the task they may be working on such as any portfolios like your manage the transactions that are being handle, and the deadlines that need to be made. Another skill is time management. Good time-management skills goes along with organizational capabilities. Most managers have large workloads and is only effective if you also know how to budget your time to get it
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