Accounting Information System

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Executive Summary
Accounting information system is an extremely important role in the enterprise management. As technology advances, the system software is constantly improving, constantly enhance the function of the system, thus improving the efficiency of enterprise management. Accounting information system network and multi-function trend is more obvious, how is the fastest way to management to provide the latest information to help decision-makers analysis, forecasting, decision-making, improve operational efficiency, will be the greater challenges of the accounting information system. This study research and explore seven aspects of the accounting information system, we trying to find out that suits your needs accounting information
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The data include: Activities Resources Personnel Second, the managers use the information system transform data into information enabling. Including the use of software input data, processing the data by computer and print the output reports and statements. Third, information system controls of the supply chain of RTE. Owing to containing large amounts of assets and financial data, it needs to provide adequate control to safeguard(Lo & Fisher 2014):.

The benefits for business include: • Reduce Uncertainty • Improve Decisions • Improve Planning • Improve Scheduling

Accounting information system can used to support RTE because it is a system which collection, storage, processing, transmission and output a large number of accounting information. The accounting information system will be fully fused in the whole enterprise information system when enterprise information development to a certain extent (Beynon 2009).

2.2 Explain how these information systems could help RTE in managing the business. How will the introduction of information systems affect management decision‐making?

The accounting information system could help RTE in managing business include(Romney Marshall & Paul 2009): Improve Quality and Reduce Costs. Managers based on accounting information system information provided, coordinate human, material and financial resources to achieve the expected
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