Accounting Information System -Resource Proposal

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Executive Summary

The report is about the resource proposal which is aimed at improving the current poor situation in the company and increasing the efficiency of the staff. Our capital expenditure budget for the cost is about 316500 yuan. With the money, we need to upgrade the ergonomic equipment to make the staff more comfortable and work efficiently. Besides that, we need to upgrade the hardware, software and build network systems. These resources can not only help the staff to work more efficiently and securely but also provide a competitive advantage for the department and the organisation. In order to find suitable, affordable, secure topology , software and other equipment which have good value at a low price, I collected
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The first one is to improve the current situation in the company so that the staff can work efficiently. Another one is to promote the development of the organisation and make more profits. To make the proposal feasible, I conducted the research on a large scale. I contacted many companies and suppliers to find suitable ergonomic and office equipment. At the same time, I surfed on the Internet to get more information about the price and quality of the equipment.

Resources you wish to apply for in this proposal

Hardware: One laptop, IBM, which is designed for commerce, especially for themanager in one company 12 desktops, Lenovo, one of them serves as the centre computer and the others are used by the staff

Network: One CISCO wireless router ; One router (TP-Link); One case of Unshield twisted-pair (AMP); One switch (TP-Link Tl-SG3109); One wireless network cards (Huawei); One case of network cable (AMP); Twelve USB (Lenovo)

Software: Microsoft Office 2003 ; Anti-virus software for small business or enterprise (Kaspersky Corporate Suite); Computer firewall;

Ergonomic Equipment: 11 Burgundy Fabric Ergonomic Computer Chairs with Height Adjustable Arms (office Furniture); 12 Back and neck
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