Accounting Information Systems Essay

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Accounting Information Systems Laquasia Fields XACC/210 May 26, 2013 Cito Vanegas Every Company or Business has different Information Systems that the use to run the Company. There are various types of information systems employed by payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and accounting? Types of Information systems that are employed by payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable are Paychex, UltiPro Payroll Software, ADP Payroll services, Intuitive Payroll Systems, and QuickBooks Payroll. Various types of Accounting Software is Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, Intuit Quicken, Sage 50, and QuickBooks. Paychex Inc. is a payroll and human resource service company which serves approximately 572,000…show more content…
Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer. The company is owned by Riordan Industries, which is a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion. The products that they produce is plastic beverage containers. The containers are produced in Albany, Georgia, the custom plastic parts produced at its plant in Pontiac, Michigan, and plastic fan parts produced at its facilities in Hangzhou, China. They employ 550 persons with projected yearly earnings of $46 million. Riordan Manufacturing’s mission is to focus its industry leaders in using polymer materials to provide solutions to our customer’s challenges. Riordan is a privately held company. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is Hugh McCauley and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is Dale Edgel. Individuals in a business usually do not work alone all the time, but instead in teams, committees, departments, and other types of workgroups. Riordan Manufacturing is one of them. The hardware that Riordan Manufacturing used within the organization to support information systems is Management information systems, internal control system, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. The hardware this used is very sufficient. Today's ERP systems can cover a wide range of functions and integrate these functions into one unified database. ERP is a way to integrate the data and processes of an organization into a single system. Other hardware that is used to
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