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Chapter 1 Question 1-18 Consumers Union is a nonprofit organization that provides information and counsel on consumer goods and services. A major part of its function is testing of different brands of consumer products that are purchased on the open market and then the reporting of results of the tests in Consumer Reports, a monthly publication. Examples of the types of products it tests are middle-sized automobiles, residential dehumidifiers, flat-screen TVs, and boys’ jeans. a.) In what ways are the services provided by Consumers Union similar to assurance services provided by CPA firms? The services provided by Consumers Union are very similar to assurance services provided by CA firms. The services provided by Consumers…show more content…
Relevant ethical requirements h.) Individual partners submit the nominations of those persons whom they wish to be considered for partner. To become a partner, an individual must have exhibited a high degree of technical competence; must possess integrity, motivation, and judgment; and must have a desire to help the firm progress through the efficient dispatch of the job responsibilities to which he or she is assigned. Relevant ethical requirements i.) Through our continuing employee evaluation and counseling program and through the quality control review procedures as established by the firm, educational needs are reviewed and formal staff training programs modified to accommodate changing needs. At the conclusion of practice office reviews, apparent accounting and auditing deficiencies are summarized and reported to the firm’s director of personnel. Human resources j.) The firm’s mission statement indicates its commitment to quality, and this commitment is emphasized in all staff training programs. Leadership responsibilities for quality within the firm Chapter 4 Question 4-22 a.) The audit firm of Miller and Yancy, CPAs has joined an association of other CPA firms across the country to enhance the types of professional services the firm can provide. Miller and Yancy share resources with other firms in the association, including audit
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