Accounting, Personal Finance and Personal Finance Software

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It also has a technique that produces structured and systematic quantitative and valuable information, expressed in monetary units on transactions made by economic entities and certain identifiable and quantifiable economic events that affect it, for the purpose of providing it to the various public stakeholders.
The purpose of accounting is to provide information at a given moment and the results obtained over a period of time, which is useful to users in making their decisions, both to control the past administrative events, and tor estimate future results, providing such rational and efficient decisions
Accounting is very important as all companies as well as individuals must keep track of their business and financial affairs, so to get higher profits. In addition, accounting is necessary to obtain legal information. We could say that, at a personal level, accounting is the financial tool that helps us go throughout our financial plan, showing us where we are financially at each period of time, and advising us in order to make the best economic and financial decisions.
b) Personal finance planning is not easy, and the big picture, in fact, can be complicated to understand. There are…

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