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[pic] ACC/537 Week One Topic One— University Tools 1 University Tools Primer The University Tools Primer is designed to familiarize you with the myriad of tools provided by the University of Phoenix to assist in your success. For example, did you know that the University of Phoenix Library contains thousands of up-to-date journals, newspapers, industry reports, and research databases? This University Tools Primer sends you on a search to answer 14 questions similar to the following question: Access the University Library page by going to the Library tab in your student portal and select the link for the University Library. On the lower right hand side, under the section titled Library Services, there is a link called Read…show more content…
a. Guidelines for Writing Academic Papers b. University of Phoenix Library Tutorial c. Sample Case Study d. Grammar Guide 3. Out in the business world almost all projects are completed by some type of team or collaborative group of individuals. At the University of Phoenix, you will gain experience with project collaboration in a safe and supportive environment. These skills will carry you through teamings and collaborations on future real world’s projects where success may mean more pay, a promotion, or another major reward or compensation. To assist in the areas involved in teamwork and team building the University of Phoenix provides you with the Learning Team Toolkit. This Learning Team Toolkit is your gateway to materials that will help you achieve greater professional competence as a member and leader of work teams. Go to the Library tab in your student portal and select the link, Read all Aspects of Teamwork located on the right side of the webpage under Learning Team Toolkit. Then, under the category Toolkit Essentials, open the Learning Team Handbook and select which Purpose for Learning Team Benefits is listed. a. Serve as laboratories through which students develop into effective leaders and members of workplace teams. a. Provide a sense of community and support that is invaluable in helping working adults cope with the challenge of balancing
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