Accounting Software Installation Case Study

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The CCPM Dilemma Case Study | Engineering Project Management48260 | Individual Assignment | | | Khaled Shakhshir | 10902601 | 4/8/2012
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Table of Contents Introduction 4 Project management 4 Case study 5 Brief explanation of the CCPM 5 Basis of CCPM 5 Advantages of CCPM 5 CCPM method helps overcoming the following obstacles: 5 Disadvantages of CCPM 6 Assessing Project management issues: 6 Potential resolution 8 Conclusion and Recommendations 10 References 11

To succeed as a company/organization you should be able to meet the demand by delivering products and services according to specific standards, set by the company in order to satisfy the targeted
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Since it depends mostly on delivering in time, to be more specific it’s based on delivering the task in half the time expected for the task.
After discussing the CCPM method I came to the conclusion that it is a good method. However, it needs resources, commitment and a fixed time schedule.
Assessing Project management issues:
After assessing the case study, I came to conclude that the main issue/problem facing the company is its inability to meet deadlines. Moreover, Introducing the CCPM – Critical Chain Project Management- by a consultant did not resolve the issue.
Project management, is a strategy that works proportionally with the effort put into it from every aspect, whether it’s human resource, Physical resource or time. The skill and knowledge of an individual/team put into the application of techniques, and the tools and materials for the realisation of the project should all be taken into account to build what is called a successful project.
Pinyarat is an employee in an IT department of a diversified IT company. Her department is facing a problem finishing their projects within the given time. Although
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