Accounting Systems Design and Development: Questions and Answers

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Section 1: The Royal Australian Mint’s system upgrade

1. What benefits do you think the Royal Australian Mint would expect from the system?
The “changing information needs” of the management of the Royal Australian Mint resulted in the old system to become inefficient and time consuming. As new employees started replacing old ones, the usage of the old system also became confusing as these employees were not there when the old system was developed. Hence, developing a new system would make the company more efficient and a lot of the paper works of the company can be completed via the new system and it would reduce paper work. Being such a huge organization, the company cannot afford such inefficiency. Recording and monitoring
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2010, p-629, 658). As the current system is about fifteen years old it is quite important to update it soon as it must be causing inefficiency in the system. To do this a study team has to be formed consisting of the accountants, auditor, IT consultant and the operations manager of the company.
The next step is analysis where we will be able to go through all the problems that we have come up with in the first step and figure how these problems can be solved or improved (Considine et al. 2010, p-629, 658). This can be done by evaluating the technical, operational and financial feasibility of the systems that the company is interested in. Also, the costs and benefits related to the update have to be determined.
We will then move on to the design stage where we can prepare a logical and physical design of the new system agreed on (Considine et al. 2010, p-629, 658). A report about this new system has to be prepared by the study team and presented to the board and top management team for reviewing. Then, the new chosen system needs to be assessed and finalized.
In the implementation stage the new system will be implemented into the company and employees and managers will be trained about how to use the new system properly (Considine et al. 2010, p-629, 658). Lastly, the maintenance and review section monitors any errors or problems with the new system and if any changes need to be made or

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